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The Batle at Eutaw Springs - Located on Hwy 6 - 2.5 miles South East of Eutawville

The Battle at Eutaw SpringsOn the South side of the Santee River, near the former location of the Old Lenud's Ferry, is the town of Eutawville, SC. Near the Eastern edge of town lies Eutaw Springs. Here, on a hot steamy September 8, 1781, the American Forces under General Nathanael Greene met the British Forces under Col. Stewart. In Greene's ranks was also another noted Patriot, Francis Marion, better known as "The Swamp Fox". This battle was the last major encounter fought in the south and would prove to be one of the bloodiest, with both sides suffering many casualties.

The Continental's charge routed the British troops, and they began a hasty retreat, but the half starved and poorly clothed Patriots stopped to plunder the evacuated camp of the British soldiers. This broke the charge and gave the British time to regroup, which they did, and this grave mistake lost the day for the Patriots. The battle was called a draw, with neither side being victorious, but it proved to be an important cause of the British leaving the south.

Many fine old plantation homes now lie beneath the waters of Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie, which were created from the Santee River in the early 1940's. Among those underwater is "Pond Bluff", the home of Francis Marion. His tomb is located a few miles East of Eutaw Springs, on Highway 45, near the community of Pineville, SC, at the former home of his brother, Gabriel Marion, which was known as "Belle Isle".

The Battle of Eutaw Springs, a Revolutionary War battle that many historians hail as one of the war's bloodiest in the fight for U.S. independence from Great Britain.


General Francis Marion's Tomb - Located approx 19 miles from Eutawville in Berkeley County. Take SC Hwy 6 from Eutawville (East) bear left when SC Hwy 45 separates from Hwy 6 and follow it for about 7 miles. You will pass the turn off for the Santee Dam. About two miles up the road the entrance to the site is located on the left side of the road.

Gemeral Francis Marion's TombThe tomb of General Francis Marion is located at the site of Belle Isle plantation, which belonged to his brother Gabriel. This legendary American hero, the "Swamp Fox" of the Revolution, waged a guerrilla war against the British in South Carolina, disrupting their supply lines and launching surprise raids against their detachments from his bases in the Pee Dee and Santee swamps.

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